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Threezero 烙印戰士

高 大的可動素體配以無縫包膠手臂,背負巨型武器“斬龍劍”;左手安裝了可變大砲的義肢及各種不同武器; 沾滿鮮血和舊化效果的獨特盔甲; PU皮腰帶及豐富的腰包裝備;二個不同表情的像真頭雕及手型。《烙印戰士》格斯配備大量豐富的奇特武器包括:巨型斬龍劍,連射弩,匕首及五把飛刀。完整無 缺地將原著中的「黑色劍士」格斯活現你眼前!

After many month of work we are very excited to finally announce all the details and pre-order date of 1/6th scale Berserk Guts collectible! It will be offered for pre-order at for a limited time beginning on December 14th 9:00AM Hong Kong.
Berserk Guts price at is 230USD/1790HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price.
Guts is s created with very close attention to details and features highly detailed costume with armor elements covered with blood and weathering; PU leather belts with various gear; two exchangeable heads and several right hands. Collectible comes with the following weapons: massive “Dragonslayer” sword, Crossbow, Dagger and five Throwing Knives. Guts right arm features seamless elbow joint and comes with adjustable figure stand to display your Guts in different poses.
1/6th scale Berserk Guts collectible details:
*Scale: 1/6th scale
*Height: 12.6” / 32cm
*Highly detailed costume featuring armor with blood and weathering, fabric clothing such as cloak and bandages, and PU leather belts and gear;
*Right arm features a seamless elbow joint;
*Adjustable figure stand;
*Two Exchangeable Heads (standard head x 1pc, Angry expression head x 1pcs);
Collectible figure comes with following accessories:
*Exchangeable right hand (fist, open hand, hand for holding the “Dragonslayer” sword, hand to hold the crossbow handle);
*“Dragonslayer” sword;
*Crossbow (can be attached to the left forearm);
*Five Throwing Knives

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