slideshow release Exalted Reaper General

slideshow release Exalted Reaper General, it sells for 999 US Dollar, expected to ship on 10/2016-12/2016.


Based on an all-original design, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce Demithyle, Exalted Reaper General from our Court of the Dead collection. 

“I serve this realm. I serve Death. And I will do so with every last trace of spirit I retain.” 

Adorned with intricately embellished armor worthy of his well-earned rank, Demithyle rallies his forces in defense of the Underworld. The ancient, storied warrior and administrator of the Dark Deed carries his magnificent scythe with a heavy sense of duty and compassion. Towering 34” over a base that celebrates his allegiance with the Faction of Bone, Death’s most loyal and distinguished General commands an impressive display.


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