Nov, 2022

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From the hit anime The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 comes the angelic-looking glutton, Filo, as a 1/7 scale figure!

Just like Raphtalia, Filo is posed in a tense battle scene. This piece captures her dynamism as she nimbly dashes around the battlefield.

Her almost translucent, glossy blond hair and her lovely and clear, ocean-blue eyes have been carefully recreated.

The white in her feathers is used as the base color in her outfit and her blue ribbon, which perfectly suits her beautiful blond hair, has been painted with the utmost care.

Her back, which can be seen between the strands of her hair, has also been carefully sculpted and painted.

Filo will look good from any angle, so add her to your collection today!

©2021 Aneko Yusagi/KADOKAWA/Shield Hero S2 production committee

資料取自kotobukiya 壽屋

toys master

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