May, 2023

Product Description

From Prima Doll, the collaborative series between Key and Kotobukiya, Haizakura, the slightly clumsy waitress who tries her best at the Kuroneko-tei cafe is coming out as a figure!

The unique style of character designer, Na-Ga, has been perfectly captured in this piece.
Special attention was paid to crafting even the finest details, like the pattern on her beautiful furisode sleeves.

Clear parts are used in her hair for a beautiful finish with a touch of transparency. Each hair accessory has been sculpted and painted with great care to emphasize texture, bringing out a sense of transparency and softness.

The patterns on each area of her outfit have been carefully recreated, with her bright waist sash and ties being one of the many highlights of this piece.

The base features a vignette-style design that recreates the series’ atmosphere around the character. The gramophone and Kuroneko-tei sign have been sculpted with attention to quality and feel.

Add her to your collection today and delve into the world of Prima Doll!

*Only the figure is included.


資料取自kotobukiya 壽屋

toys master

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