Nakiri Ayame

Mar, 2023

Product Description

Nakiri Ayame, a VTuber from the second generation of talents from hololive production is coming out as a scale figure!

She comes to life brimming with confidence in her pose, which overflows with cuteness from all angles.

The delicate design of her outfit, including the mask on her head, has been sculpted down to the finest detail.

Even the tattoo on her back that is usually hard to see has been fully recreated.

Clear parts are used on her flowing hair to create a beautiful finish, and the gradient from white to red has been carefully painted.

The base is designed after her fan mark.

Add this Nakiri Ayame, “kawayo” from all angles, to your collection today!

ⓒ 2016 COVER Corp.

資料取自kotobukiya 壽屋

toys master

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